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Advice for new associates applying for jobs during Covid

I have been interviewing associates for more than 15 years in the IT sector. It is very encouraging to see the young candidates venturing out. At the same time, it is discouraging to see that some of the fresh candidates don’t have proper advice on how they should start off their search for the ideal outfit. This advice goes to people who want to start off their career in any field.

My advice is don’t look for a ‘Job’, look for an ‘Opportunity’

When you start off in your first job you should be looking for a stepping stone into your future and nothing else.

If you are looking for a Job, you are inadvertently seeking salary, perks, benefits and job security. But when you look for an opportunity you will be looking for growth scope, exposure, experience and a future

Lot of candidates tell me, I have this degree and that qualification so I need to have a minimum salary of this or they act reserved thinking it is a privilege for the company to have them. It does will not help in anyway and you will get trapped into the wrong set up.

This is my advice

1) When you find the right company with an opportunity Sell yourself, Market yourself and convince the management to give you a chance. Don’t be passive, keep pushing until the door opens. Even in the event you are rejected, you can always keep sending emails to a company to consider you for future openings

2) Do a thorough research about the company, background, turnover and values. Look for any opportunity to mention these as the company will value the research you have done

3) Don’t approach the company with only qualifications. Do some projects and create case studies and include in your CV. Show your practical skills even in a small way.

4) Use AUDIO/VIDEO pitches. Create a pitch of yourself and send through the communication channels. Companies look for presentation and communication skills. Your conventional email CV cannot capture this.

5) Keep abreast of current happenings. Companies like to hear of your eagerness and inquisitiveness of the current affairs (work related). Familiarize yourself with innovations and future technologies pertaining to your field and look for an opportunity to bring it out.

6) Most interviews happen by Zoom today. Prepare yourself and present yourself professionally. Avoid shabby dress ups and low lighting

7) Make sure your audio and video works without glitches and do dry runs with a friend if needed

8) Send a thank you note do the company after your interview and mention to them how eager you are to join

9) Clean up your social channels. Companies want to a clean slate and don’t want anything controversial. You should not be doing anything controversial in the first place, but cleaning up your channels is important.

10) Attitude, Persona and pleasantness is as important as Academic qualification, if not more. YouTube is full of free programs to improve the aforementioned, invest in yourself in these areas

11) Be humble. You are joining a company and you need to adapt to the company and not the other way around. Humility makes this process easier and companies value this.

12) Be happy and cheerful. Times can be tough but a smile and cheerful attitude goes a long way.

Best of luck

Thank you