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User Interface Designing

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

TechsuationUI / UX Design The art of BLENDING User Interaction with a Digital Solution Finding the right BALANCE between UI, UX and User Psychology. PERSUADING the user to take a Digital decision. ELIMINATING distractions in the user journey how it works Copyrights techsuation team Benworldwide Real-time Insight Apple sold 220 million phones in 2018 and … Read more

IPG Integration

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

Payment gateways allow to accept credit or debit card transactions and authorize payments instantly from your website in real time. Payment gateways has helped several businesses provide different payment options to their customers and also get a quick business. With Benworldwide , its much more easy where you dont have to bother with any technical … Read more

Booking Engine Development

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

Online booking development is done keeping in view the nature of the business. Whether it is a movie ticket booking, flight and train booking, hotel reservation, restaurant reservation or salon service booking app, an online booking application is a must have for a hassle-free, speedy and accurate booking appointments with the client. Read more

Magento Development

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

Why Magento ? An excellent yet complex solution Works remarkably well for e-commerce businesses Most recommended technology to build user-friendly and efficient ecommerce websites When it comes to Magento Development, sky is the limit for our excellent and experienced team of Magento Developers. Noticeable experience & updated knowledge on the most recent versions of the … Read more

Full Stack Development

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

Our talented team of skilled developers perfectly blend creativity, imagination & technology to deliver user friendly, robust & interactive systems based on PHP CMS Development. Discussion on your requirement Clear cut idea on the requirements SRS Documentation Documentation of the flow Development Developed by an experienced set of developers Quality Analysis Check on errors and … Read more

Ecommerce platform development

June 23, 2020Uncategorized

Research Brainstorming and pocket meetings Responsive design Fits into any device Development An experienced set of developers Payment gateway integration coordination with the Bank and integrate Quality Analysis Check on errors and faults Launch & Post-launch Support and Maintenance Live launch and taking care Read more

Branding and logo designing

November 28, 2018Uncategorized

A brand guideline should celebrate the essence of your brand. We study your business, competitors, customers and the market until we find a way to make you stand above the noise. A creatively unique logo design can represent your company in a meaningful way and can help you stand out from the crowd instantly. We … Read more