UI / UX Design

The art of BLENDING User Interaction
with a Digital Solution

Finding the right BALANCE between UI, UX
and User Psychology.

PERSUADING the user to take a
Digital decision.

ELIMINATING distractions in the
user journey

how it works

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Real-time Insight

Apple sold 220 million phones in 2018 and is considered a guru in the design frontier. Our  techsuation team’s  observation on how IOS 13 still can be improved.

A simple example

Human psychic prefers simple instructions, when a sound is muted people are used to Sound off. When you use a term like Silent mode ON (IOS 13) it takes seconds for the user to know clearly what is the action being performed. Will my sound go OFF or will be my silence come ON. As you can see SOUND > OFF is better comprehended that SILENCE > ON

User Perspective Two Most Important Questions

1. How much data is left?
2. How long will it last?
✓ Consumed past data cannot be changed
✓ Still gives me an idea on how to plan for future
✓ Immediate concerns (Budgeting, planned future actions)

Business Payoffs

Builds brand

Enhances user

Reduces user

Cuts down development